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History of Fann Cup

Learn how Fann Cup got its start, became an annual event, and peruse through the location, charities, and money raised for each year since Fann Cup's existence.

Scroll down to begin your trip down Fann Cup memory lane...

First Fann Cup

It all started after a pickup lacrosse game in Toronto … over a few pints, a group of Toronto Rock fans decided it would be a good idea to challenge the fans of the Rochester Knighthawks to a friendly game of lacrosse. In a few short weeks, the inaugural FANN Cup was played.

See the initial challenge/exchange below:

fann cup start.jpg

Spoiler alert - it happened & has been happening ever since.
Read below for a summary of each year's event. 

A Walk Down Fann Cup Memory Lane

August 26, 2002

Host: Toronto 

CharitiesSick Children's Hospital & Todd Bernhardt             

                Scholarship Fund 

Donation: $600 CAD, $600 USD

July 12, 2004

Host: Rochester

Charities: BRIDGE Program

Donation: $1000 USD

August 5, 2006

Host: Philadelphia

Charities: Alex's Lemonade Stand & The Melanoma Research


Donation: $12000 USD

July 12, 2003

Host: Buffalo

Charities: American Heart Association

Donation: $1000 USD

July 16, 2005

Host: Toronto

Charities: Les's Fund Initiative & Casey Zaph Fund

Donation: $9000 CAD

July 28, 2007

Host: Buffalo

Charities: Carly's Club

Donation: $5000 USD

July 26, 2008

Host: Rochester

Charities: Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association & ROC E6

Donation: $2000 USD

July 24, 2010

Host: Philadelphia

Charities: Laurel House

Donation: $15169 USD

July 28, 2012

Host: Minnesota

Charities: PAWPads & Lax-4-Life Camp 

Donation: $3650 USD

July 25, 2009

Host: Chicago

Charities: American Diabetes Association & Multiple Myeloma

                Research Foundation

Donation: $4440 USD

July 23, 2011

Host: Toronto

Charities: Abilities Centre, The War Amps Playsafe program

               & Wellspring Odette House  

Donation: $4147 CAD

July 13, 2013

Host: Rochester

Charities: TK9, The Jeff Miller Children's Education Fund & 

                Toronto Cause match

Donation: $3194.35 USD

July 26, 2014

Host: Chicago 

Charities: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Gateway for a

                Cure & Accessible Lacrosse Initiative between the

                Chicago Outlaws and Great Lakes Adaptive Sports


Donation: $10276 USD

July 9, 2016

Host: Toronto

Charities: Smilezone & Oakville Minor Lacrosse Assocation

Donation: $11500 CAD

July 28, 2018

Host: Philadelphia

Charities: Philadelphia Animal Society (PAWS), Central High

                School Lacrosse & Frank Bonner Fund 

Donation: $ 9700 USD

July 25, 2015

Host: Syracuse 

Charities: ? & Frank Menschner Memorial 

Donation: $5,930.73 USD

July 15, 2017

Host: Buffalo

Charities: Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, Dog Tags New

                 York & WNY Lacrosse Foundation

Donation: $ 14000 USD

July 20, 2019

Host: Minnesota 

Charities: Twin Cities Native Lacrosse & Simon Says Give

Donation: $2000 USD


Host: Covid

Charities: None 

Donation: NA 


Host: Covid

Charities: None

Donation: NA

July 30, 2022

Host: Rochester

Charities: ROC E6

Donation: $4427 USD

July 22, 2023

Host: Toronto

Charities: Smilezone, Turtle Island Lacrosse & Oakville Minor

                Lacrosse Association

Donation: $11106 CAD

July 20, 2024

Host: Philadelphia

Charities: Wings Charities & Leveling the Playing Field Philly

Donation: $ TBD USD

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